In our final lesson of the term, Year 9 looked at what happened when Hitler turned his attentions from destroying the RAF to bombing the cities of Britain. We watched this short film from the BBC archive:

We then considered why it is difficult to know if there was a ‘Blitz Spirit’. The BBC archive has a range of other contemporary films and radio recordings, as well as programmes made after the war. It is well worth a look if you want to find out more about the events that we have studied.

Your enrichment homework is to research the life of one of three different pilots in the Second World War. They are:

Once you’ve got a basic outline of their life in the war, then your task is to complete a ‘Fakebook profile‘ for them. For an idea of what it could be like, look at the example of Josef Stalin. A copy of the instructions can be downloaded here. Remember to print out your completed profile. Alternatively you can copy and paste the address of your profile in a comment to this post.